Athena Blaez’s The Wolf Who Saved Christmas Novella

The Wolf Who Saved Christmas by Athena Blaez Baxter Lawson doesn't like the holidays. He especially doesn't like Christmas. But when his well meaning Aunt Hilde throws her stunningly handsome single neighbor Baxter's way, maybe the holiday won't be a complete wash.  Let's face it, a gift like Logan Price isn't the kind you return... Continue Reading →


4.5 Stars!! Brigham Vaughn’s Seeking Warmth

Seeking Warmth by Brigham Vaughn Benny Fuller is on his way to rock bottom. He’s seventeen, fresh out of juvie, homeless, and desperate to find a job. His dad’s in jail and his drug-addicted mom is in no shape to take care of his sick sister, Angel. A run-in with his ex-boyfriend, Scott Sullivan, makes Benny feel... Continue Reading →

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